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Chart YOUR Path in 2017By April Dumas, Marketing & Program Manager, M&A Leadership Council

Professional certifications are important in today’s marketplace.  Historically, certifications were meant to protect the public and deliver the highest quality of service.  In the M&A world, it speaks volumes to your colleagues and awards you with the recognition you deserve. An M&A certification places you in the category of elite professionals. Our candidates demonstrate competence in the M&A community and strive to learn, grow and share. 
Since the inception of the program last year, it has grown beyond our expectations.  We are excited to announce our October graduates:  Dan Menge, Director of Corporate Development Integration at Cisco and Matthew Sadowski, Vice President of Human Resources at Bonneville International Corporation.  Congratulations to these two professionals for going that extra mile and making a difference in the M&A Community!  There are currently more than 55 candidates in process!
To learn more about the program and steps for becoming a Certified M&A Specialist (CMAS), please visit our website HERE.
2017 can be the year that you chart your path with credentials that count!