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10 Ways to Apply the Science of Project Management to the Art of M&ABy Dr. Alexandra Reed Lajoux, Board of M&A Standards/Founding Principal at CapEx and Professor Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, Projects, Inc.

Last year, some 40,000 companies changed ownership, for a total deal value of some $5 trillion, according to Thomson Reuters. That means 40,000 massive transformation projects people are managing – but how well are they executing them? And have they been planned using the best practices of the professional field known as project management? Do the executive teams understand the importance of their roles as project sponsors?
These questions are worth asking; if any business and leadership activity ever cried out for project management skills, it is M&A.
Below are 10 steps to doing it right based on observing and managing many large integration projects.
Ask why. Which problem are we trying to solve, or which opportunity we are trying to capture? One of the fundamental premises of project management is the pre-launch sanity check, as in: Should we be investing our scarce time, limited money, and some of our best resources to deliver this project (or series of projects) at all? Take the time to reflect, step back and look at alternatives before pressing the ‘kick-off’ button.
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